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Outro: Front Mission 3 - Japan

  1. The new game by LawBreakers studio Boss Key is a 1980s battle royale
  2. Spyro Reignited Trilogy
  3. ELEAGUE To Debut Its First Reality TV Show Featuring Fighting Game Pros On April 20
  4. Kickstarter for Angry Joe's Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game pops over $400,000 in one day
  5. Warner Bros will publish new Hitman/loot boxes:
  6. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes has a story-based adventure mode in the 'real world'
  7. Kill Matt in Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle
  8. Vampyr story trailer
  9. Spider-Man PS4 launches September 7
  10. Iron Harvest Kickstarter Campaign Reaches $1,000,000
  11. 'Shadow of War' will drop its in-game currency system on May 8th
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