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  1. Fireball island is one of the most successful kickstarters ever
  2. BloodStained gets incredible 8-bit styled game, Curse of the Moon. Coming out this month
  3. Brooklyn 99 Gets cancelled and resurrected over the course of 24 hours
  4. 90's first person shooter Hellbound launches kickstarter
  5. The only Joe worth a damn is getting his own movie
  6. First 4 is making a god like True Midna statue
  7. Tomb Raider is gonna cost Square Enix
  8. Thai horror video game, DreadOut being adapted into a movie
  9. Leaks suggest Nintendo's Retro Studios making Star Fox racing spin-off
  10. PlatinumGames at work on action title set to 'flip the genre on its head'
  11. Original Guilty Gear being ported to Nintendo Switch
  12. Resident Evil film director making a Monster Hunter movie starring Milla Jovovich
  13. Remaining 3 DLC Persona 4 Arena Characters Leaked for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle via Datamine
  14. The Final Fantasy VII Remake will allegedly be released by 2023
  15. Rumor: Retro Studios working on Star Fox racing game for Switch
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