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May 4, 2021

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MMO lessons, Returnal Impressions, Localization Testing as a game feature, Apple Vs Epic: Day 1 Victory Royale. You can watch us record the podcast live on

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  1. Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki revealed today that they plan to heavily *increase* their investment in PlayStation's first-party efforts ($183m) over the coming year
  2. Sony invests in Discord, to integrate it with PlayStation in 2022
  3. Sony cross-play revenue share agreement: some partners had to pay a royalty to Sony to "offset the reduction in revenue" from enabling cross-play
  4. Big PC gaming news. Microsoft is shaking up the world of PC gaming by cutting the 30% fee it usually takes on PC games to just 12%. It's a bid to compete with Steam and entice game developers to the Windows store.
  5. Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc. trial will commence at 8:30 AM PT in the courtroom of judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland.There will be a live audio feed of all the proceedings.
  6. The Ninth District Court can't figure out how to mute attendees to a public call-in for #EpicvApple and there are kids talking on Discord simultaneously and trolling the call. Plenty of racial slurs and flaming. Now some Travis Scott music.
  7. Apple’s showing numbers (similar to expert testimony we’ve covered) estimating that iOS is a small fraction of the Fortnite user base. “Makes you kind of wonder what we’re doing here.”
  8. One CDPR employee told me that following Bloomberg's reporting and many internal reviews and complaints, the company did a salary reevaluation and bumped up wages for some of the company's lowest-paid staff including QA.
  9. Toys for Bob is now supporting development for Call of Duty: Warzone
  10. Lost Soul Aside - 17 Minutes of Gameplay