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Oct 6, 2022

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Cyberpunk Edgerunners is Gaslighting You With Quality
New Neighbors Mustn't See Your Floor Pie
Stadia #Packwatch: Full Refunds, Forgotten Devs, RIP BOZO
ZA/UM Dies The Most Disco Death Possible
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  1. Google is closing down its Stadia cloud streaming service. The service will remain live until January 18th, 2023. Google is refunding all Stadia purchases.Google refunding Stadia players is great and all but maybe they should have talked to like, any developers
  2. It appears multiple key leads behind Disco Elysium (including Robert Kurvitz, Aleksander Rostov and Helen Hindpere) have been pushed out of ZA/UM (the company) and are not involved with the sequel anymore
  3. Killer Instinct's online services restored after hacker took them down
  4. Crystal Dynamics surveying players asking about the future of Legacy of Kain
  5. Fandom has acquired... Gamespot, GameFaqs, Giant Bomb, metacritic and more
  6. did a McDonalds employee in the ConnorEatsPants discord just leak the first photo of Mario in the Mario Movie
  7. CD Projekt just announced a bunch of projects
  8. The PlayStation 5 has been jailbroken.
  9. a Horizon: Zero Dawn remaster/remake is in the works for PS5