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Oct 18, 2022

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Stop Screwing Over Voice Actors
The Scorn Swerve
Street Fighter 6: The Marathon Analogy
The Floatilla Doesn't Like It
Swing Second, Hit First, Big Honor
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  1. Ex-Bayonetta voice Hellena Taylor says she was offered $4000 for her work in Bayonetta 3, leading to her dropping out of the project and now asking fans to boycott the game
  2. Seems like Hideki Kamiya is responding to the allegations from Hellena Taylor, claiming that what Taylor states is untrue
  3. Tweets Jennifer Hale has been liking recently suggest she was not informed about Hellena's situation before she took on the role of Bayonetta and that NDAs might be preventing her from saying anything.
  5. G4TV shuts down just a year after its relaunch
  6. Jirard The Completionist: Hey! This tweet is how I found out how I lost my job! How neat!
  7. Konami has launched a teaser website for SILENT HILL; reveal this Wednesday
  8. Konami is going further with their blockchain plans and is now looking for people to work on Web 3.0 and Metaverse projects
  9. Long-Lost Pilot for Kingdom Hearts Cartoon Series Revealed
  10. Overwatch 2’s DVa shoots to the top of Pornhub searches