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Jul 25, 2023

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Castle Super Beast Shirts:

  1. I’m so excited they finally introduced Glorbo!!!

  2. Lol someone on reddit made a post about a made up feature introduced in WoW so that a news site using AI-driven scraping bots published an article about it and it worked

  3. UBISOFT closes your account if you haven’t logged in for some time. You will lose all your games purchased forever.

  4. Your Ubisoft account can be suspended and subsequently permanently deleted for 'inactivity,' taking your games library with it

  5. Gundam Evolution ends service on November 29.

  6. New look at Venom in ‘SPIDER-MAN 2’.

  7. First Ever Pizza-Scented Xbox and TMNT: Mutant Mayhem Controller Available through sweepstakes/contest

  8. Kombat Pack 1 revealed for Mortal Kombat 1; Homelander, Quan-Chi, Omni-Man, Peacemaker, Ermac, and Takeda