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Feb 4, 2020

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Legal drug pushing, universal truths and the dangers of ONE GUY in a big chair. January was a long year but we made it. You can watch us record the podcast live on

Outro: BotanicSage - Wonderball 101 - Tables Turnover (Quad City DJs vs Platinum Star Games feat. Fort Minor)

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  1. Niitsuma is leaving Capcom
  2. Rumour: The Wonderful 101 Coming to PS4 via Kickstarter
  3. PlatinumGames is Teasing... Something
  4. Final Fantasy VII Remake ‘Theme Song’ trailer
  5. Alien Hominid Invasion announced for consoles, PC
  6. GameStop is so screwed
  7. Both core Azure Striker Gunvolt games are coming to PS4 in April
  8. a goose that destroys your computer