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Feb 8, 2022

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Depressing Documentary Recommendation: The Act of Killing
Browser History vs Calculator History
The Home Schooled Kid
The Fate of PlatinumGames
Dying Light 2 and the Not-Skippable-Enough Cutscenes
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  1. PlatinumGames‘ new CEO has said he wants the company to create larger and riskier games, and appeared to suggest that Hideki Kamiya‘s Project GG could be a live service type game.
  2. Ghostwire: Tokyo gameplay deep dive, developer spotlight
  3. Report: Google Quietly Ditching Stadia
  4. Bluepoint Games added a number of new items to the Demon's Souls Remake that still remain undiscovered.
  5. DARK SOULS III: The Blades of Ashina Mod Trailer
  6. DMC5 Vergil in Marvel 3
  7. Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan: ‘Absolutely expect more acquisitions’
  8. Nintendo isn't interested in acquiring companies, says president Shuntaro Furukawa
  9. Some new details on the upcoming relaunch of The Tomorrow Children
  10. Feints - Elden Ring's New Unknown Mechanic!
  11. Elden Ring Will Use EasyAntiCheat to Combat Cheaters