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Aug 10, 2022

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North America Looks Like a Dragon Dinosaur
Evo 2022 part 1: Fighting Games Are Going to be OK!
Evo 2022 part 2: …Except for GBVS
Exoprimal Quitters
Lab Smart, Not Hard
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  1. EVO 2022 Announcements:
  2. Marvel vs. Capcom 2 meets Arcade1UP
  3. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax rollback netcode update drops
  4. Umbral Core trailer
  5. Guilty Gear Strive shipped 1 million worldwide 
  6. Rollback for Samurai Shodown
  7. Crossplay for King of Fighters 15
  8. Marie is coming to Skullgirls
  9. Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting rollback netcode on current gen ports
  10. Team Samurai and first Season 2 characters announced for KOF15
  11. A new Fatal Fury game is coming
  12. New Tekken project in the works and Tekken 7 receives more support
  13. Kimberly and Juri revealed for Street Fighter 6
  14. Tasty Steve and James Chen were also revealed to be among the in-game commentators
  15. Bridget is out in Guilty Gear Strive
  16. Granblue Fantasy: Versus set for $15,000 global community tournament after EVO 2022
  17. Arc System Works is  actively pushing to collaborate with new IP owners
  18.  Super Punch-Out has a 2 player mode that went undiscovered for 28 years
  19. Pac-Man live-action movie is in development
  20. THEY NERFED BLOODHOUND STEP Elden Ring Patch 1.06
  21. Sonic 3 confirmed for christmas 2024