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Feb 7, 2023

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Pad Talk: Nyxi Wizard & Victrix BFG Pro
Cancelled Titanfall Games Can't Hurt Me Anymore
Do Not Allow Smell-o-Vision To Exist
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  1. 'Squid Game' Reality Show Participants Say It Was a Rigged, Freezing Cold Disaster
  2. Tekken 8 ‘New Gameplay Mechanics Introduction’ and Nina Williams reveal trailers
  3. Rumbleverse to end service on February 28
  4. The Xbox 360 marketplace will not close in May 2023, a Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to Gematsu. A listing stating it would close, which appears when searching for "Xbox 360 Markteplace" on the Xbox Support website, was posted in error.
  5. 46 games to be delisted from Xbox 360 Marketplace on February 7, Delisting will not affect ability to purchase titles available on Xbox One or Xbox Series consoles.
  6. Details of scrapped Apex Legends single-player game that was in development
  7. Unreleased Wii U game Star Fox Armada would have featured puppet visuals, online multiplayer, and invasions
  8. THE EMPTY LOT IS REAL: this is the plot of Yakuza 0, like i'm not joking
  9. Netflix has removed their new anti-password sharing rules from their website, saying they were published in error and don't yet apply to the United States