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Apr 25, 2023

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Combat Archery Went Poorly
SF6: The Kronenberg Kup Begins
Shlock Island 2
Builds Were a Mistake
Pinkertons At Your House Over A Toy Card Game
Unrecord: More Realism, Less Comfort
Sega Union Rises: AEGIS
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  1. Street Fighter 6 demo now available for PS5 and PS4, DLC characters Rashid, A.K.I., Ed, and Akuma announced. A demo for Street Fighter 6 is now available

  2. A super majority of employees at SEGA of America have voted to unionize, making it the first multi-department video game union in the US. They have filed with the NLRB, and will go by the “Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega” (AEGIS).

  3. A Magic: The Gathering YouTuber found Pinkerton agents at his front door on Saturday morning

  4. Unrecord dev posts noclip video to prove the realistic bodycam FPS isn't 'fake'

  5. Square Enix AI Tech Preview: The Portopia Serial Murder Case announced for PC

  6. It looks like physical copies of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will require a digital download

  7. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will release on August 18, 2023

  8. Blizzard sued by former Chinese partner after messy breakup