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Jun 18, 2024

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Furiosa and the Death of the Box Office
Crow Country Spoilercast
Metal Slug Tactics: NEVER STOP MOVING
Fighting Game Stories Don't Have to be Bad
Mr.Adobe Goes To Washington
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  1. BREAKING: The U.S. government is suing Adobe. It's accusing the company of harming consumers by enrolling them in the most expensive subscription plans without clearly disclosing the huge early termination fees — fees that can reach hundreds of dollars.

  2. Anime Adaptation - Guilty Gear Strive: Dual Rulers was announced last night! There will also be a teaser trailer and panel session for #GGSTDR at Anime Expo 2024!

  3. Hidetaka Miyazaki 'knows for a fact' other FromSoftware devs want a Bloodborne PC port: 'If I say I want one, I'll get in trouble, but it's nothing I'm opposed to' "Obviously, as one of the creators of Bloodborne, my personal, pure honest opinion is I'd love more players to be able to enjoy it. Especially as a game that is now coming of age, one of those games of the past that gets lost on older hardware—I think any game like that, it'd be nice to have an opportunity for more players to be able to experience that and relive this relic of the past. So as far as I'm concerned, that's definitely not something I'd be opposed to."


  2. Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact won’t shy away from “overpowered” moves if it means being faithful to the IP. Apparently, the dev team is full of Hunter x Hunter fans, and they won't allow the cast's Nen abilities to feel lackluster

  3. The Bloody Roar 2 Vietnamese community is ABSOLUTELY NOT PLAYING THE SAME GAME WE DID WTF THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL TO WATCH (All Points Cancel BR2)

  4. Harada on Bloody Roar or Virtua Fighter guests in Tekken

  5. Pieces Interactive, the developer behind the recent Alone in the Dark reboot, has been shut down by Embracer.

  6. Jason Schreier confirms Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is real and its happening at SquareEnix