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Jun 25, 2024

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Miyazaki Lied: Shadow of The Erdtree First Impressions 
FF7 Rebirth, and the Rebuild of Evangelion Problem
Marvel Lives!
That Nintendo Direct Was a Banger
APM Doesn't Matter And Other Huge Misconceptions
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  1. MARVEL vs. CAPCOM Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics! 7 legendary games, all in one Super Heroic collection

  2. Nintendo Direct June 2024

  3. The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom launches for Nintendo Switch on Sept. 26.

  4. Mario & Luigi: Brothership launches on Nintendo Switch Nov. 7.


  6. DRAGON QUEST I & II HD-2D Remake

  7. Super Mario Party Jamboree

  8. Donkey Kong Country Returns HD swings onto Nintendo Switch Jan. 16, 2025

  9. Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, a new entry in the Metroid Prime series, is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025

  10. Apparently some people are finding the Elden Ring DLC so difficult that you can turn it into a business

  11. Embracer rolls out new AI policy to 'massively enhance game development'

  12. Slay the Princess dev tells players to pirate the game instead of just watching playthroughs

  13. My Hero Academia is ending in five chapters, as per the newest Jump PRESS showcase.

  14. Hollow Knight: Silksong is "not in dev hell," says tester who finds fan cynicism "disheartening" but agrees developer Team Cherry "should be better" at communicating according to playtester and semi-regular Team Cherry correspondent Graig