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There's no way to mince words, this is the EVOcast. We all love fighting games and it's fightgame weekend and there's tons of fightnews so we're covering all the good stuff. You can watch us record the podcast live on


  1. Authentic and official arcade cabs now being sold at Walmart for $300
  2. Street Fighter Director claims Van Damme was on coke the entirety of filming
  3. Tina confirmed for new Predator movie, then de-confirmed
  4. A psycho powered grand finals, Shenron summons, a new Melee champion, double perfects and more: EVO 2018 highlights
  5. Sagat and G are now officially available for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
  6. Dragon Ball FighterZ breaks the record for EVO's highest watched game on Twitch ever
  7. Cooler revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ, Base Goku and Base Vegeta coming August 8th
  8. 'Fatal Cutie' Terry Bogard joins SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy
  9. Seong Mi-Na and Astaroth announced for Soul Calibur 6
  10. Negan from The Walking Dead, Anna Williams and Lei Wulong revealed for Tekken 7 Season 2 DLC
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct coming this week
  12. Terry Bogard, Area, and Sharon coming to Fighting EX Layer as DLC
  13. New characters announced for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle at EVO 2018
  14. Dead or Alive 6 announces Diego
  15. SMASH 4 BAYONETTA DRAMA AT EVO 2018 | #LayItOmni
  16. IGN Writer plagiarized Dead Cells review
  17. Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth Trailer (English Subs)
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