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Oct 31, 2023

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  1. From November 12, 2023, Microsoft will no longer allow unauthorized third-party accessories to be used with its Xbox consoles. Players are reporting a warning message displaying on Xbox when plugging in unauthorized accessories, notifying them of the date their accessories will be blocked with "error 0x82d60002."

  2. Ubisoft pirate adventure Skull and Bones delayed again, now due early 2024. Mystery "big game" also delayed.

  3. The new PS5’s optional disc drive requires an internet connection to connect

  4. Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

  5. (Very Canadian News) Apparently former YTV The Zone VJ PJ Phil from the 90s is an indie wrestler and won the Super-kick Tag-Team Championships.

  6. Sega and Yoko Taro's Error Game Reset on mobile shuts down after less than a year

  7. Nintendo filing reveals design for dual-screen gaming device that can be split in two

  8. Bungie delaying Destiny 2 expansion and Marathon release amid layoffs