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Nov 7, 2023

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Castle Super Beast Shirts:

  1. The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX cancelled

  2. Thirsty Suitors is a stylish, story-driven adventure that unfolds through turn-based battles, skateboarding, and cooking.

  3. Rumour: ‘Bloodborne’ Film Adaptation in the Works With Writer Darren Lemke

  4. First Silent Hill Game in 11 Years "Most Hated Experience" of the Franchise

  5. silent hill ascension removed the chat option and are now livestreaming a defence for the micro transactions

  6. Sega says development of its first ‘Super Game’ is progressing steadily

  7. SEGA says it wants Sonic to surpass Mario

  8. 20 Minutes Till Dawn: Emberpath - Announcement Trailer

  9. TEKKEN 8 - Victor Chevalier Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

  10. Fighters Lost in the Files - Rising Thunders "Hidden" Characters