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Nov 28, 2023

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Castle Super Beast Shirts:

    1. It appears that Ubisoft is experimenting with in-game advertising for some users (Xbox and PS).

    1. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier has tweeted that while he doesn’t know whether or not the game will ever come out, he reports from two sources at Saber Interactive that they are still working on it.

    2. The Game Awards security will be tightened to prevent another stage invasion, Geoff Keighley says

    3. Silent Hill Ascension might be AI: jess is 1000% correct and here's proof

    4. @maileflanagan: STOP. 🛑 have no problem with the games. STOP

    5. SF6 Outfit 3 Trailer Reaction & Discussion

    6. DBFZ Steam Rollback Beta Test Announcement Noc 30 - Dec 1

    7. Virtua Fighter 3tb Online brings the fight back to arcades on November 28