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Dec 13, 2022

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Woolie Watched The Thing (1982)
Witcher 3 HD Quality of Geralt Updates
Patrick "Wifi-Warrior" Boivin
SAN.D IS REAL (Death Stranding 2)
New Platinum Needs Writers (Cereza & The Lost Demon)
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  1. Final Fantasy 16's Newest Trailer Reveals a June 2023 Release Date
  2. Ken Levine's Next Game, Judas, Finally Revealed
  3. Hideo Kojima Rewrote Death Stranding 2 After the COVID-19 Pandemic
  4. Idris Elba Joins Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed
  5. New Star Wars: Jedi Survivor Trailer Confirms March Release
  6. Diablo 4 Arrives in June 2023
  7. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Will Include Kevin Conroy, New Release Date Revealed
  8. The First Super Mario Bros. Movie Clip Reveals Mario's Introduction to Pipe Travel
  9. Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC Announced Exclusively for PS5, Arrives in April
  10. Crash Team Rumble is a New 4v4 Multiplayer Game Coming in 2023
  11. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2 Gameplay Revealed
  12. Hellboy Is Getting a Stylish Video Game Adaptation
  13. Crime Boss: Rockay City Announced With Cast Including Chuck Norris, Danny Trejo, and Vanilla Ice
  14. The Lords of the Fallen: First Gameplay Revealed for Soulslike Reboot
  15. The Last of Us Part 1 PC Release Date Set for March
  16. Returnal Announced for PC
  17. Baldur's Gate 3 Release Window Announced
  18. Forspoken Demo Now Available on PlayStation Network
  19. Transformers: Reactivate is an Online Action Game Developed by Splash Damage
  20. Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Announced
  21. Single-Player Magic First-Person Shooter Immortals of Aveum Revealed
  22. Gearbox Announces Remnant 2 for 2023
  23. Blue Protocol Will Be Released in North America Courtesy of Amazon Games
  24. Surreal Platformer, After Us, Announced at The Game Awards
  25. Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania DLC Arriving Next Year
  26. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home Is Headed to Mobile Devices Soon
  27. Colossal Cave - Official Release Date Reveal Trailer
  28. Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer
  29. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Raids Season 1 Reloaded Trailer
  30. Fire Emblem Engage DLC Trailer
  31. Dune: Awakening In-Engine Trailer
  32. Destiny 2 Lightfall Gameplay Trailer
  33. Among Us: Hide n' Seek Trailer
  34. Horizon: Call of the Mountain Gameplay Trailer
  35. The cancelled Michael Keaton Batman film was going to be ‘BATMAN BEYOND’.
  36. Yes, the ""Sex Update"" is finally here: UKButt is an official mod that adds support.