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Dec 7, 2023

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    1. Bungie Devs Say Atmosphere Is ‘Soul-Crushing’ Amid Layoffs, Cuts, and Fear of Total Sony Takeover, The Destiny 2 and Marathon developer may not be able to cling to the last of its independence forever.

    2. Twitch to shut down in Korea over ‘prohibitively expensive’ network fees
    3. South Korea’s ‘Sender Pays’ Policy Is a Threat to the Internet

    4. Once you accept, the RAID AI will keep monitoring your stream for the presence of MTN DEW, if you remove your DEW, you’ll be prompted to bring it back on camera

    5. Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC feat. Among Us - Coming 18th December

    6. Thedas Calls - Dragon Age Day (2023) Dreadwolf

    7. @ComposerCasey: So, what if I were to write more official @DevilMayCry music?

    8. GTA VI Reveal Trailer

    9. Next GGST Character to be announced at The Game Awards

    10. David Zaslav CEO of Warner Bros says scrapping films for tax write-offs took courage.